Virtual office for PMA is now a popular concept. Many foreign entrepreneurs use a virtual office for business addresses as it is more economical. Also, it is a relatively new modern office solution that forgoes physical working space. Entrepreneurs will need to rent a business address that receives all official business correspondence. However, there is no designated working space for the entrepreneur.

Most who use this facility either choose to work from home or other places but an office. Depending on the package, services like a dedicated office number that includes a forwarding service may also be available. That way, entrepreneurs will not miss any important calls or emails. Certain providers like MESO Serviced and Virtual Office also provide a working space.

Using Virtual Office for PMA

Using a virtual office for PMA is also an economical and practical choice. The company can enjoy a professional office service at a lesser cost. Furthermore, a virtual office is a better choice for companies with mobile operations. Thus, entrepreneurs can work from elsewhere while the provider handles the incoming calls and mailings.

A simpler description of a virtual office is a business address rental. Companies that do not require a working place for the team can use this option to have their business running. Jakarta has a zoning system that classifies businesses in designated zones. For example, green zones for most business types and yellow zones for industrial areas. Using a virtual office will allow the business to register in a green zone whilst the team operates from elsewhere.

Another advantage of using a virtual office for PMA is the office facility. Depending on the packages, entrepreneurs may get a working space and meeting room access. It is not uncommon to find that working in an office elicits a more focused working environment. Thus, many entrepreneurs may hold meetings in a proper office setting to set a focused mood.

Risk and Alternatives

Nonetheless renting a business address only may also pose a risk for PMA or foreign companies. For one, the local Indonesian government has been putting a lot of emphasis on foreign investments and anti-money laundry regulations. Thus, foreigners who plan to expand their business in Indonesia must comply with government regulations. They will have to show the local government that their intentions are purely on investments.

One of the requirements that the local government requires is an office. If the company is considered to be trustable and of low risk, using a virtual office will not be problematic. However, if the company is deemed risky, not having a physical working space may incite unnecessary suspicion. If the local government bears no trust, then licenses or certificate applications made by the company may be difficult to approve.

Thus, an economical and practical solution for this issue is to rent a serviced office. A serviced office is an office suite with furniture and supporting facilities. In short, entrepreneurs and their teams only need to bring their laptops to work. All the other supporting facilities are ready. With a physical office, government officials can ascertain that the company is serious about building their business in Indonesia as they are available to visit.

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