suitable office for foreign companies in indonesia

Suitable office choices are essential for foreign-owned companies starting their business in Indonesia. A foreign-owned company must be able to distinguish the nature of its business operation to determine the most suitable options. Depending on their operations, if it is mainly done on the field then investing in a physical office may not be necessary. The company will only need a business domicile for registration purposes and correspondence needs. 

The need for an office suite is dire for businesses that have many administrative tasks and formal meetings. It can help companies gain customer and business partners’ trust by providing a place to host confidential business meetings and documents. Plus, working in an office environment also creates a productive working ambience.  

As many have known, the current trend of worldwide companies is to adopt the hybrid working system. By adopting this system, companies divide the employee working set into both the home and the office. The system proves to be beneficial to corporate performance and employee mental health. Some agree that working partially from home provides comfort and helps the employees focus fully on their tasks. On the other hand, working from the office can give employees an opportunity to solve problems as a team.

Suitable Office Options

Suitable office options require the entrepreneur or business to think through. They need to consider the type of business, the number of employees, and the importance of office use. The types of businesses that do not require a formal face to face meeting may not need to invest much in a physical office. Some of the business examples are online retail shops or online tutoring businesses. For these types of businesses, the entrepreneurs can conduct marketing activities online, and process the goods from home.

However, the Indonesian government mostly requires foreign-owned companies to have a physical office. Although not strictly imposed, it is better to have a physical office suite. Thus, when the government agents do their random visits, the company can answer them properly. In addition, a physical office shows the company’s total commitment in investing and conducting business in Indonesia.

There are two types of suitable office options for foreign companies in Indonesia; a Virtual Office and a Serviced Office. The former option allows companies to rent a prestigious office address without physically working in the location. This option is usually preferable for companies on a budget. However, there is a risk that the government agents will evaluate the company as being unserious. This could lead to difficulties in approving legal documents.  

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As for the latter, it is a fully-furnished private office suite well-equipped with supporting facilities. Although it costs more, it is a safer option for foreign companies in Indonesia as it shows the government agents that the company is serious. Having a physical company sends a message that the company and its representatives are always reachable at the registered address.

Supporting Facilities for Foreign Companies

The supporting facilities of an office are also an essential part of a business operation. For foreign companies, it is preferable to rent an office that has complete supporting facilities but at a reasonable price. A reasonable price means that the price is worth the service or facilities purchased. 

The minimum supporting facilities that foreign companies need to look out for are our meeting room access, lounge, and front desk services. The meeting room must be fully equipped with beverages, writing board projectors, high-speed internet access, and a webcam. That way, companies can hold online conferences and meetings properly. The lounge access is useful for the company to receive guests briefly. It is also a great place for company personnel to network. 

Front desk services will manage incoming calls and packages and company guests. Unlike virtual office users who do not have a private suite, private office users can enjoy daily suite cleaning service and 24/7 access. A clean office suite will give a more comfortable feeling for the employees. On the other hand, the 24/7 access allows companies to operate outside of the provider’s working hours. 

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