Office Rental for Business in Jakarta

Office rental for business in Jakarta can be easy if you know where to look. Jakarta is home to about ten million people and has been the centre of business trades in Indonesia. With the dense population and vast business opportunities, many foreign entrepreneurs eye Jakarta to become their next target market. It is no wonder that the demand for office rental rises along with the flourishing businesses.

Jakarta is divided into five areas which are; north, west, south, east, and central. Each area has their specific characteristics. For instance, since the north area has been known as a trading hub as many Chinese traders established their businesses in the area since colonial times. The south used to be the go-to spot for expatriates as they have a lot of fancy establishments that cater to nightlife, restaurants, and luxury apartments. The Central area of Jakarta is known as the CBD area, A lot of government buildings are in the Central area.

On the other hand, the west area was once suburban. However, today it is developing to become a business district too. The west is home to a large number of entrepreneurs. The steady growth of entrepreneurs and new businesses in the area has also influenced large and multinational companies to move their offices to West Jakarta. This shift in office preference also increases the number of high-rise buildings in the area. On the other hand, the east area remains a suburban area with several office options. 

Office rental for business in Jakarta for PMA or Foreign-owned Company

Office rental for business in Jakarta is a suitable option for PMA or foreign-owned companies that operate in Indonesia. Renting an office is essential for PMA companies to show their commitment to investing in Indonesia. Having an office also serves as a location for the company team to gather and conduct their business activities. Furthermore, face to face meetings can also help resolve problems easier, decreasing the risk of miscommunication and creating a focused work ambience.

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Nonetheless, it is unwise to expect that all foreign-owned companies are large multinational companies. For smaller PMA companies, options like virtual offices are the better option. Virtual office are much more affordable and allows companies to have office services without having to worry about fixed assets. Plus at an affordable cost, they can get all the necessary basic needs to operate a business in Indonesia. 

Furthermore, office rental for business in Jakarta can also be in the form of a serviced office. A serviced office is an office suite that has furniture and various office facilities. Those facilities include high-speed internet, IP phone unit, international and local call credits, mail and package handlings, daily office cleaning, and 24/7 access. All of those services are beneficial for foreign-owned and multinational companies who may have to adjust their operations with different time zones.

MESO Serviced and Virtual Office

MESO Serviced and Virtual Office is one of the best office provider options for companies in Jakarta. The company has been providing office rental for business in Jakarta since 2013. 9 years of experience in the field of office rental is essential to provide the best service to entrepreneurs. Until today, MESO Service and Virtual Office have been providing their services to numerous companies from local and foreign origins. Be it for the office rental for business services or the legal consultation to assist company setup in Jakarta.

In addition, MESO Serviced and Virtual Office are located at the premium grade APL Tower. The office building has good access and is connected with shopping centres and residential areas. The benefits of having an integrated office location are the complete public facilities and the easy access to potential markets. Furthermore, working in a premium office building ensures the safety of the office tenants. Thus, both entrepreneurs and employees can have a safe and comfortable working environment.

MESO Serviced and Virtual Office also offer the best options to fulfil office rental for business needs in Jakarta. The main services in MESO are virtual offices and serviced offices. For a virtual office service, there are no physical offices to use. It is an office address rental for mail, packages, calls, and meeting rooms. On the other hand, a serviced office has a physical, fully furnished office room on top of the office services. The office suites are also accessible 24/7, allowing entrepreneurs and businesses to have flexible working time. 

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