Office for foreign companies in Indonesia has various alternatives. For instance, there is a physical office, a business address rental with supporting facilities, and a sharing office. Any options may suit the company depending on its type of operations. If the company has a small team and a place to conduct its operations, then renting a business address is enough. Some of the examples of this case are companies with show units. 

On the other hand, most foreign companies in Indonesia require a small team member to conduct their operations. If it is a representative office, its operations will most likely centre on collecting information and networking with possible clients. Thus, they will usually need an office space to work together. Not to mention that a hassle-free working space to increase work efficiency is greatly appreciated.

Benefits of Setting Up a Foreign Company

Offices for foreign companies are also suitable for foreign direct investments (PT PMA) that are looking to establish their operations in Indonesia. Unlike the representative office, PT PMA can conduct transactions within the country. They can produce invoices and must also pay taxes like other companies. Furthermore, with the change of regulation, there is a wider range of industries available to invest

As mentioned in previous articles, due to the introduction of a new law PP No. 10 2021, various industries are now open for foreign investments. Medical industries like general practitioners or dentists are no longer considered a business. Thus, foreign companies can invest fully in them. Furthermore, there are also other industries such as restaurants, cafés, and bars that are now available for full foreign investments as well.

Nonetheless, to become a PT PMA, a business address is part of the essential pre-requirement. Many have mistakenly thought that any addresses will suffice the company establishment requirements. However, Jakarta has a zoning system that classifies each area as either a residential, industrial, general business or a special restricted area. Thus, a residential area is not available for business registration.

Office for foreign companies in Jakarta

The available and sensical option for foreign companies is to rent a business address or a ready-to-use office suite. Renting a business address or virtual office is appropriate for companies that do not need an office. For instance, if the employee is required to work from another location and can prepare any documentation online. This office option is also the most economical. However, using a virtual office may not be presentable as they do not have a physical office to show the company’s presence.

Another option and the most recommended one is renting a ready-to-use office suite or serviced office. A ready-to-use office suite gives entrepreneurs a hassle-free option. They do not need to trouble themselves with more budget and time for office setup. Renting a serviced office allows them to enjoy a fully furnished and equipped office on the first day of rental. Furthermore, the office rental fee includes secretarial service, daily cleaning, and meeting room access. It is an economical, practical, and efficient choice. 

Aside from those two options, a foreign company with a smaller budget can also utilize a shared office. A shared office is renting a dedicated table within a room of several tables. The entrepreneur can use it as a working station and may also secure their documents in the cabinets. Price-wise, it is cheaper than a serviced office. However, the facilities are not as complete and there is a lesser sense of privacy.

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