What is virtual office can be a common question for businesses. These days, the term is popular among entrepreneurs as a means to increase business efficiency. In a modern business environment, efficiency and effectiveness are the heart of operations. The goal for company operations is to retain high profit while maintaining a low cost. One of the ways to do it is to simplify daily office operations. Office operations include office costs and the number of employees working.

Background of Virtual Office

The two above correlate with each other. Most of the time, office rental cost is high because companies need large offices to fit more employees. In turn, companies hire a lot of employees because they need people to fulfill various jobs. No matter if the job is a specialized or a general one, companies would hire an individual to fill the spot.

Nonetheless, today, with the advancement of technology, an individual can handle multiple jobs. This situation is often seen in modern startup companies. Rather than having an administration and a sales, one person can do both jobs. The same goes for a marketing position. A marketing person could also work double for business development.

With this concept in mind, companies no longer need to hire many employees. A team of four suffices. With lesser employees, companies can rent a smaller office. They no longer need a whole office floor or unit to operate. Instead, the simpler it is, the better. Hence, Virtual Office has become a popular choice for businesses.

What is Virtual Office?

Lean management is not the sole contributor to the rising popularity of virtual offices. The advanced development of the internet plays an important role as well. The versatility of the internet allows companies to operate freely with no geological boundary. In the past, an office only works if employees are present physically in an office area.

Today, with the presence of cloud technologies and online communication systems, work can be done online. The ability to do so makes it possible for companies to exist virtually. Companies can register their business in a business location while the personnel work from elsewhere. This is where virtual office comes in handy.

Using virtual offices enables companies to be free. The employees can work from anywhere without having to commute to a certain location. Any calls to the company can also be forwarded to a designated number the company assigns. Mails and packages too can be delivered to a designated address. This way, the company can easily operate from a residential place without having to worry about breaking the law.

How Does it Work?

As the name implies, a virtual office allows the company to exist virtually. A virtual office provides a business address rental service. This is crucial because companies need a business address to operate. In Jakarta, using a residential business to register a company is illegal.

Furthermore, virtual office addresses are usually in prime business locations. This is advantageous for companies that do not require a physical office to work from. They can gain a prestigious office address with a rental cost far less than an actual office. Plus, by using a virtual office they will also gain access to various supporting office facilities.

The supporting facility mentioned includes a meeting room, lounge area, as well as a front desk service. When using a meeting room, companies will be able to utilize complimentary facilities like Wi-Fi access, beverages, webcams, and projectors. The front desk service will also handle incoming guests, mail and packages, and receive calls directed to the company.

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