Virtual Office legality in Indonesia is no doubt safe. With the development of technology and the appearance of new business models, the regulations to adapt to the changes. Today, the government have set rules to regulate virtual office providers. Therefore, using a Virtual office is safe and legal as long as the providers are registered.

The sentence above may raise another doubt of confirming the provider’s license. Simply, all a company need to do is ask. Most virtual office providers who have experience in the business is trustable. Like MESO Serviced and Virtual Office, the company has been operating since 2013 and has been providing its service to numerous clients.

The extensive experience gives the company an advantage in providing excellent service. They will be able to know the troubles clients usually face as well as their basic needs. This is also the reason MESO provides a legal and tax service. Clients can consult with the team in regards to company establishments, permits, and taxes.

Virtual Office Legality

Virtual office legality is important because, without it, the clients will not be able to get their business domicile. This is because a company using a virtual office will be using the provider’s address to register their business. Without a legal business address, the government will not issue a business permit.

In relation to the business address, clients must also check the category of their business. In Jakarta, there are zones to indicate different types of business areas. For instance, a green zone is for business, while a yellow zone is for industrial business. If a company doesn’t follow the regulation they will not be able to get the business permit.

Furthermore, a company must also check the business requirements before registering in a virtual office. Aside from the business registration documents, companies must also check the requirements for business permits. The registration document is only one out of the various documents needed to issue a business permit. Regardless of whether the virtual office provider has a business permit or not, it doesn’t affect the company renting with them.

It is important to note that a virtual office is simply providing the business address. The virtual office company is unable to provide business permits for clients. All business permits are issued by the government, not by companies. Hence, companies must check the business permit requirements for the business type the company wants to do.

The Advantages

Once an entrepreneur understands the requirements they need to prepare, they must first ensure that they have a company. If the company wants to re-open a subsidiary, Although virtual office legality helps with the business address, other requirements such as capital, etc. must be completed by the applicant. Despite being unable to issue the permit, a virtual office provider usually has a team to aid with the application process. This is true for MESO Serviced and Virtual Office. MESO Legal team can assist and give consultation for company establishment.

After establishing the company, the next step is to rent a virtual office. Aside from the business address, other advantages of a virtual office are the supporting facilities. Depending on the virtual office packages, the facilities may include a dedicated phone line, meeting room services and even a workstation.

The dedicated phone line is useful for companies with employees that actively operates outside of the office. That way, even if they are working mobile, they will never miss a client call. Furthermore, it also acts as a barrier between unwanted callers and the company.

As for the meeting room, a company can utilize this facility with prior booking. In MESO, clients can use various facilities to support their meetings. For instance, Wi-Fi service, webcam, projector, LCD screen and writing board. The clients and their meeting guests will also get free-flow beverages including, tea, fresh coffee, and mineral water.

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