Virtual office for a foreign company operating in Indonesia is a popular choice among foreign investors. In the past, foreign investors can only operate in Indonesia if they have a physical office. The purpose of that regulation is to ensure that at the minimum foreign investors have the financial capability to rent a physical office. Nonetheless, with the growth of technology and the need to further develop the economy that regulation is no longer.

Currently, due to the need to push for more foreign investment in Indonesia, the government allows the use of a virtual office for a foreign company. Furthermore, the government also simplifies the regulation to establish a company (PT PMA) in Indonesia. Not only that, but the new regulation also states that foreign companies can have full ownership of more industries. These changes are in line with the Omnibus Law that focuses on attracting more foreign investments in the country.

Virtual Office for Foreign Companies and the Benefits

Virtual office for foreign companies is a beneficial option for foreign investors looking to expand or establish their business in Indonesia. There are many ways a virtual office can help to increase efficiency in the company’s operation. Here is the list of benefits:

– Virtual Office for Foreign Companies with Budget
Virtual Office is a brilliant choice for foreign companies with lesser budgets. Aside from the relatively cheaper rental fee, virtual office also provides a one-year domicile for the company. This domicile letter will allow foreign investors to establish and register their companies. Furthermore, if the foreign company decides to open a local bank account, they need to have a registered address for their business.

Through using a virtual office, foreign companies will also get a front desk service. Depending on the package, the front desk will be responsible to collect and manage mails, as well as answer and forward phone calls for the company. All of those services, along with the domicile letter, and business address are under 1000 USD.

– Work from Anywhere with Registered Address
Another benefit for foreign companies to use virtual offices is mobility. Even though the business is registered in the virtual office address, the office employees can work from anywhere. Therefore, even if the employees aren’t present in the virtual office business, legally they are registered there.

Concerning the previous point, using a virtual office can benefit foreign companies with cost-efficiency. If the business does not need an office, they can work from their homes and register their business in the virtual office. That way, they only need to pay for their residential rental fee. Furthermore, virtual office like MESO Serviced and Virtual Office has a prime location. Renting at MESO will give a good company image as the reputable office building provides a sense of stability to the clients.

– Office Facilities Available to Use
In addition, a virtual office for a foreign company is complete with office facilities. Included in the annual rental fee, aside from the front desk, domicile letter, and business address, foreign investors will also gain access to other office facilities. The facilities are meeting room and lounge area. Both of these facilities are free to use within the office hour.

For meeting room facilities, quotas depend on the virtual office package the foreign company selects. When using the facility, supporting equipment like high-speed Wi-Fi, writing board, projector, webcam, and LCD Screen is available to use. Furthermore, the lounge is also free to use when waiting for the meeting to commence. Foreign company and their meeting guests have free access to fresh coffee, tea, and mineral water.

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