A virtual office assistant is one of the services that office providers have. Other services are mostly in the form of facilities that helps to support business activities. These facilities and services come in different packages that clients can choose from. Certain package includes the most basic services like office address. Other packages are much more complete with meeting room facility access as well as dedicated telephone number.

However, among all the facilities, virtual office assistant becomes the highlight as it is the most important. It is the function that allows entrepreneurs to work from anywhere. They are the backbone of the service itself.

Virtual Office Assistant Function

As mentioned above, virtual office assistant is important as they allow the service to exists. These assistants have to go through professional training to be able to give high-quality service. They must also be able to operate the call system and database system. In a professional provider like MESO, the assistants are also bilingual.

– The Handling of Mails and Packages

One of the main tasks of a virtual office assistant is to handle arriving mail and packages. They must ensure to sort the packages per company so that it does not get mixed up with the other hundreds of clients. Depending on the package, these assistants must also inform the clients regarding their incoming deliveries. They may also have to send the packages to the client’s address.

In some cases, the company may be receiving packages from unknown senders. Assistants are responsible to confirm it with the clients. If the clients are not aware of it and do not wish to receive it, then they will have to return it to the courier. It is important to note that, this service does not apply to all virtual office packages. Packages that do not include note-taking, will require the client to visit the office and personally check their mails and packages.

– Virtual Office Assistant Take Calls and Notes

Another function of virtual office assistants is to take incoming calls that go to the client’s number. They will then transfer the incoming call to the client’s number. Clients can register up to 5 numbers and will also be able to decide if they wish to take or reject the call. This function is only available if the client opts for a virtual office package that includes a dedicated phone number and call forwarding.

If the client only has a dedicated telephone number service without call forwarding, the assistants will still take the calls. However, instead of transferring, they will take notes instead. The assistants will then forward the content of the notes to the clients. This feature is very important for businesses to not miss any important calls or messages.

– Welcoming Visitors and Business Partners

Virtual office assistants also function as a front liner for the provider office. When a visitor of the client visits, they will welcome and receive them. These visitors will usually wait in the lounge area where they can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or mineral water. The virtual office assistants will usually ask for their purpose of visit. The reason is that they need to inform the arrival of the visitor to the clients in case the client does not wish to meet the person.

Similarly, when the clients’ business partner visits the office, the assistants will also welcome and receive them. If the client has informed them of the meeting, they will guide the business partner to wait in the meeting room. The business partner will also be able to enjoy fresh beverages as they wait for the client to arrive. The virtual office assistant will ensure that the business partner can wait in comfort.


Virtual Office can support various businesses through their facilities. Users are encouraged to make use of the facilities as optimum as possible. MESO provides virtual office services that could be a great solution for your business operations. If you need a virtual office service, contact us at our e-mail address.

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