The importance of private office to PT PMA is quite crucial. To run a business in Indonesia, entrepreneurs must register their company in a business address. For a foreign company, a private office is perhaps the best choice. Why so? Not only does an office suite provides a place for the employee and entrepreneur to work it also suffices as an office domicile.

Business Environment in Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the most interesting places for foreign investors to expand their business in. The country is a developing economy with a large population of about 200 million. Indonesia is also known for its rich natural resources that extend from mining produces to livestock product. This proofs to be a lucrative opportunity for foreign investors.

Aside from natural resources, digital industries, as well as technology-related industries, also have a high potential. Indonesia is also known as one of the countries that heavily use social media. Through investing in digital or technological products and services, investors may be able to reach a large market.

Importance of Private Office to Companies

Knowing the possible opportunities that exist for foreign companies, investors should start considering establishing a company in Indonesia. As mentioned before, the establishment of a company requires an office address. Foreign investors can either use a private office, virtual office, or perhaps rents an office unit. However, the latter is not recommendable as it is quite costly.

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Renting a private office will allow the company to have a physical office to work from. In fact, after paying the deposit and first-month rental, clients are free to use the room. Once a client has an office, they can start their operations. Especially if the company does not need to apply for any special licenses, they can go straight into business.

If they are in the process of applying for a license, they might not be able to operate fully. However, they can start preparing their marketing products like name cards and letterheads using the office address. This way, if government officials make a surprise visit to confirm the company’s existence they can be ascertained. Furthermore, the private office also benefits the foreign company in many ways.

Benefits of Private Office

Not only do the entrepreneurs get an office address. A private office also includes various services that can assist business activities. The physical facilities that investors get include an office suite with working desks, office chairs, drawers, high-speed Wi-Fi, IP Phone, dedicated telephone number. Investors can also get free flow premium fresh coffee and tea, as well as access to a meeting room and its equipment.

Moreover, the private office also includes facilities that come in the form of service. The monthly rental fee also includes a receptionist service, cleaner service, as well as location manager. The receptionist is responsible for any mail and calls handlings. They will also welcome the client’s customer or visitors. As for cleaners, they are responsible to clean the office suite daily and maintain the office area clean. Managers ensure that all facilities are running well and the clients happy.

In short, through renting a private office the company will be able to save costs while enjoying premium office services. From those benefits, it is clear that the importance of private office to PT PMA is high. Companies should find a trustable provider to be able to enjoy the full benefits. Providers like MESO is one of them.

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