What does it mean to set up a Private Office?

To set up a private office is to rent an office suite that is exclusively meant for the company. The company renting a private office only needs to pay the monthly rental and deposit fee to use the office. Renting a private office also allows the company to gain access to other office facilities like lounge and meeting room.

Before getting an office, companies must be sure to find a reliable provider. Companies must look out for service quality, facilities, and flexibility. Not all pricy suite office means it’s the best choice. The same applies to cheap office suites. Cheap office suites will most likely compensate for the services and facility provided.

It is also worth remembering that applying a business address is quite complicated. At some providers like MESO, there are legal services that could assist in the matter. Therefore, it is very important to look for the right provider. Once the provider is set, the company can proceed to set up a private office with them.

Reasons to set up a Private Office

Due to the many benefits and relatively affordable price, the private office has become a trend

in the business world. About 10 years ago, it used to be startups that show interest in a private office. Today, even multinational companies are actively using the service all over the world. This further showcases the benefits of using a private office.

Comparison with Shophouses and Office Unit

When a company is looking to find an operation base, some would still opt for the conventional thinking of renting a shophouse or office unit. However, both shophouses and office units are far more troublesome than renting a private office. The company has to spend a lot of time setting up the office. Starting from selecting furniture, internet and telephone vendors, deliveries and so on.

If the company has large numbers of staff, for example, 50 people, then putting in the effort and money may be ok. However, if the company is operating efficiently then it is not.

A company must consider the cost of renting a shophouse and the effort it takes to set the office.

On the other hand, setting up a private office is much more affordable. In simpler terms, if a company rents a private office, they only need to bring their laptop to work. Facilities like high-speed internet, IP Phone, meeting rooms, mail and call handlings, as well as cleaning service are all included.

Step by step to set up a Private Office

How To Set Up A Private Office MESO

It is very easy to set up a private office. At MESO Serviced and Virtual Office, the process does not take long. As soon as the company pays the rental fee and sign the agreement, they will be able to use the facility. Here are the steps to set up a private office:

  1. Contact MESO through our website www.meso.co.id OR via Whatsapp +62812-1315-4189.
  2. Let us know of your needs and preferred private office
  3. Get an offer from MESO
  4. Decide your private office
  5. Pay the rental fee
  6. Submit ID and Sign the agreement

If you are interested to rent a private office in Jakarta, MESO is here for you. Get your very own fully furnished serviced or private office and virtual office at MESO. Visit us on our website or send us an e-mail for more information.