Foreign investors in Jakarta has grown in number over the past decade. The variety of opportunities that the city presents ranges in different industries. The industries range from the technology-based industry like the digital sector to labour-based industries like factories. Moreover, the recent hype on valuation business models in the country brings more foreign investors to Jakarta. They hope to make use of the developing society to create a profitable business.

This is easily observable from the growing numbers of incubators and venture capitals. Both these companies focus on helping young entrepreneurs to realize their ideas and capitalize on them. Furthermore, the success stories of companies like Gojek and Tokopedia show foreign investors that local companies are great potentials.

Foreign Investors in Jakarta and Business Situations

Foreign business in Jakarta gains more benefit from the recent clauses of the Omnibus Law. Part of the law that discusses foreign investment in Indonesia hints at incentives as the tools the government uses to attract investment. The Indonesian government introduces this law because they understand that the country needs external stimulus to grow. Due to the recent pandemic, it is difficult for the local economy to support the national scale economy.

Therefore, foreign investment is essential. Foreign companies will be bringing new technologies, skills, and money from abroad. All of these qualities are important to improve human quality and to stimulate spending in the market. Without employment, the people will not be able to spend, thus halting economic activities.

One of the reasons for the success of much foreign business in Jakarta is brand awareness. Heavy media consumption helps to introduce popular foreign trend in the market that includes a foreign brand. One of the examples would be Korean Cosmetic Brands. Those companies invest in the country knowing that the Indonesian market is familiar with their brand. This awareness stems from watching drama or other pop culture media.

Establishing Foreign Companies in Jakarta

Up to today, the potential for foreign business in Jakarta is still very lucrative. Foreign companies still have a lot of opportunities to invest. However, to be able to do so setting up a company is crucial. The first step of establishing a company is to find a trustable provider. Then from then, foreign investors can consult with the provider to get advice. Once they have all the information, they will have to make payments to the provider and submit the company documents. Then the rest will be handled by the provider.

The most important thing for a foreign investor to remember is to find a trustable provider. A lot of unknowing foreign companies have fallen prey to a scam or unprofessional providers. One of the trustable providers is MESO which has been assisting foreign business in Jakarta since 2013. The professional team in MESO will guide foreign investors through the process to ensure a safe, legal, and simple process.

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