Choosing serviced office or virtual office may be one of the biggest considerations for entrepreneurs looking to acquire a business address. These two options are the modern solution for office rental as they are affordable and simple. Entrepreneurs get to enjoy a variety of office facilities without having to worry about office setup.

Plus, the provider of a serviced office usually provides a virtual office and vice versa. The location of a good provider is usually in a strategic office building. This is to give entrepreneurs and potential clients easy access. Furthermore, they will also benefit from easily accessible public facilities. For instance, public transport, shopping centre, apartment, etc.

Choosing a Serviced Office

For most entrepreneurs that need an office to work from, choosing serviced office is wise. Serviced office or commonly known as a private office provides a fully furnished and serviced office suite. Usually, each room can accommodate from one to five people. A lot of foreign companies favour this option as they do not need to keep depreciating fixed assets.

The facilities that entrepreneur gets from renting a private office are helpful for daily operations. For example, office furniture, IP Phone units, telecommunication system, and high-speed Wi-Fi. Furthermore, there is also a meeting room along with supporting equipment like a webcam, LCD Screen, projector, HDMI cable, and writing board. Entrepreneurs will also be able to access the lounge area where they can refill fresh coffee for free.

Plus, the rental fee is much more affordable than renting an office unit or shophouse. Furthermore, the entrepreneurs only need to pay the rental fee to enjoy the facilities. Moreover, foreign companies or representative office usually does not have many team members in the company. Thus, choosing a serviced office is a brilliant solution for their office needs.

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Choosing Virtual Office

On the other hand, a virtual office is usually more popular with local companies and Start-ups companies. This is because a virtual office does not provide a physical office to work from. Usually, local companies and Startups either work from home or from elsewhere. Unlike choosing a serviced office, through using a virtual office, company members can work from anywhere.

By choosing a virtual office, entrepreneurs will also be able to gain access to several business facilities. One of the most important ones is the domicile letter. A virtual office provider will produce a business domicile letter once payment is made. This letter is important for the entrepreneurs to register their business. If a company does not comply with the business address requirement, it may lose its operating license.

There is also a mail and package handling service. The service ensures that the entrepreneur does not miss any mails or packages. Aside from business domicile letters, mail and package handling, other office facilities are also available depending on the virtual office package. The package may contain a dedicated telephone number and a call forwarding service. All of these mail, packages and calls will be taken care of by the receptionist’s team of the virtual office provider.

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