Renting office space and office address has lately become an interesting business trend. Office rental could be the best solution for entrepreneurs that are looking to run their business but is still constrained by operational budget. Through renting a private office or office address, entrepreneurs can run their business activities from a prestigious office with complete facilities, like any large corporates.

Business Trend and Office Rental

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) the number of Micro and Middle-Sized Companies (UMKM) have reached 64 million. This number represents 99% of the number of companies operating in Indonesia. Due to the rise of UMKM, a lot of companies have shifted their office needs to renting a private office.

Why Does Office Rental Become a Business Trend?

Entrepreneurs will surely have a lot of considerations before deciding to rent an office. In the eyes of entrepreneurs, profit is the most important. Therefore, to make it easier for you, we are going to explain the benefits of renting an office below

  1. Affordable Price

Through renting an office, entrepreneurs will be spending fewer costs compared to acquiring an office space or unit. Renting an office allows entrepreneurs to avoid spending large chunks of money. They only need to pay the private office rental fee in order to be able to utilize a fully furnished office along with the accompanying services. For instance, in Jakarta, there are several office rental providers like MESO Indonesia that provides private office for rental, virtual office, as well as office address or domicile, and company legality and incorporation. Office providers like MESO have become the current favoured option in the recent business trend.


  1. Prestigious Address

Buying an office space in a metropolitan city like Jakarta is definitely very pricy. Therefore, the best solution is to rent an office. Private office is one of the examples of office rental.  The popularity of office rental in current business trend has been growing. Thus, there are many choices of providers scattered all over the city. Entrepreneurs can rent them based on the location they want to operate their business from. Having an office located in a prestigious and strategic location is without doubt, beneficial for an entrepreneur.


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  1. Simplicity is Gold

With the growth of technology, a business trend has shifted to simplicity and efficiency. When entrepreneurs choose to rent a private office, they no longer need to worry about maintenance, security, and renovation. This is because all of those things are handled by the office provider. Also, renting a private office gives access to the entrepreneur to all the services and facilities provided by the office provider.


  1. Boost Company Image

Having an office in a prestigious office building is a dream for many entrepreneurs. A prestigious office location helps deliver the message that your company is successful and trustable company. Moreover, a prestigious location also helps to bring a positive image towards the company brand. This is why office rental has become the current hype in the business trend.

Who Should Join This Business Trend?

Office rental is available for any sorts of companies. Regardless if the company is a minor scale or a large scale company. The benefits of joining office rental is also applicable to all kinds of companies in different industries. Therefore, this business trend is a growing popular option for many multinational companies as well as startups.

For those looking to get a private office, feel free to contact MESO Serviced and Virtual Office via our Live Chat on our website or send us an e-mail.