A long-stay visa in Indonesia seems like a great idea for foreigners who enjoy their stay in the country. Indonesia is a popular holiday destination with a wide range of vacation options. The country is known for its dense tropical forests and the blue seas with plenty of biodiversities. Presently, the government is working on popularizing other regions. There are many regions with distinctive uniqueness. For example, the beaches and forests in Sumatra and Sulawesi island may look similar to Bali, but their local culture and architecture is different compared to Bali. 

Plus, Indonesia has an estimated 1300 registered ethnics that makes the country rich in culture. As mentioned above, every region has a different local culture and dialect. Each ethnicity also has a distinctive physical that is different from one to another. Therefore, it is understandable for foreigners to want a long-stay visa in Indonesia to experience the varying culture. 

Furthermore, Indonesia is also a developing country with many untapped opportunities and rich natural resources. Aside from that, the Foreign nationals who visit Indonesia may have seen a lucrative chance to expand their business there. Therefore, foreign companies will need to consider building a business and investing in the country. In such situations, foreign nationals may want a long-stay visa.

A Long Stay Visa With No Work

However, like most countries, Indonesia requires an official long term visa if foreigners decide to stay in the country longer. The maximum stay with a Visa On Arrival visa is 60 days. If the foreign national wants to stay longer, they may extend the visa a maximum of four times. Each stay must not exceed 30 days.  

However, if the foreign individual decides to stay longer, said individual will require a temporary stay visa. There are two kinds of temporary stay visas; a non-working and a working visa. For a non-working temporary resident visa, the foreigner must either be married to an Indonesian national or as an investor, researcher, or educator. Other options include joining family, repatriation, and elderly people. 

Former Indonesian nationals can attain this visa if they have proper reasoning to earn those visas. For instance, a governmental job or to stay for a brief while with family. To know more about the details and the requirements, visit the official immigration office website

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KITAS for Work Permit

As for the working permit in Indonesia, it is otherwise known as KITAS. To be eligible for the KITAS application, the foreign national needs to have a company that sponsors the person. Thus, the foreign company must also establish a company in Indonesia. For the company to do that, it must have a legitimate office in Indonesia.

The easiest way to have a legitimate office in Indonesia is to rent a virtual or a serviced office. A virtual office provides an office address that does not have a physical place. This type of office includes facilities like dedicated telephone numbers, call forwarding, meeting room access, and many more. The virtual office is more popular with local companies as general businesses do not need a physical office to attain a business permit. 

As for foreign companies looking to apply for a KITAS procedure, the company needs to have a physical office. Thus, it is wise for foreign companies to rent a serviced office. Aside from the affordable cost, the service includes various supporting facilities essential to office operations. Foreign companies will be able to set up a company fast and be on their way to applying for a KITAS permit. 

To rent a serviced office and apply for a KITAS permit, companies or entrepreneurs can also contact MESO Serviced and Virtual Office. We are reachable through our Whatsapp number at +62812-1315-4189 or send us an email and let us know your queries.