The best location to rent an office in Jakarta can generally be seen from the busy business areas of the city. When discussing business areas, it is natural to think about Central Business Districts. In Jakarta, one of the most popular CBD areas lies in the western part of the city. In the heart of the area is APL Tower, a premium grade A office building.

Moreover, the location in west Jakarta where the office lies in the central area. There are a lot of routes that reach the other directions of Jakarta. Plus, the many access gives an advantage to visitors. They can select different routes to avoid the even-odd system that the city applies. Plus, it is also very beneficial to avoid traffic jams.


Location to Rent an Office in Jakarta

Concerning traffic jams, to rent an office in Jakarta is to consider the airport route as well. APL tower’s location is the best location to rent an office in Jakarta because it is very close to airport access. Due to the central location, reaching any direction of Jakarta and even Tangerang is very easy. It is also the reason why the APL tower is in high demand.

Furthermore, the surrounding area of the office building is very prime. The office building is connected with Central Park Mall, Neo Soho Mall, Mediterranea apartment complex, and a five star Pullman hotel. Moreover, the malls are right next to ranges of shophouses. Plus, not very far from the area is a hospital. It is not too far reached to say that the location of the office tower is the true definition of a hub.

A hub is not complete without transportation. Entrepreneurs that seek a location to rent an office in Jakarta, should consider APL Tower as the city bus stop is right in front of the building. There is also a place for online drivers to stop by. Moreover, although not connecting, the office tower is also right next to Taman Anggrek Mall which also has a lot of Residential Apartments around it. After Central Park Mall, this mall is perhaps one of the popular choices for shoppers in the West Jakarta area.


Options for Office in the Area

To many entrepreneurs, a prime location to rent an office in Jakarta may incur a lot of costs. Thus, renting a whole office unit may not be the best option. In this case, a private office is a perfect solution. An entrepreneur can still enjoy the prime location of APL Tower while maintaining an office rental fee within the budget.

A private office also allows the entrepreneur to be free of company setup troubles. Renting a private office also includes office furniture, high-speed internet access, a telecommunication system, and an IP Phone unit. Moreover, the entrepreneur also gains access to the meeting room facility and lounge area. If entrepreneurs rent an office in Jakarta, MESO can be a good option too.

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In MESO, the meeting room facility includes various supporting facilities. For instance, webcam, high-speed internet, writing board, LCD Screen, HDMI cable, and projector. Meeting goers are also free to refill their coffee, mineral water, and tea. The coffee in MESO is a premium grade fresh coffee, perfect for entrepreneurs needing a little focus booster. Also, the lounge facility in MESO has a couch set for entrepreneur or their team to relax.

Aside from the prime location to rent an office in Jakarta, at MESO, Entrepreneurs will also gain access to office services. The office services are receptionists, daily cleaners, location managers, legal consulting, and tax consulting. Except for legal and tax consulting, the other office services are within the rental fee. Therefore entrepreneurs do not need to hire extra arms to do a front desk job, janitor job, and facility maintenance.

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